• Excellence and attitude
  • Our Objective: Quality
  • Committed to the environment
  • And to let the customer know their vehicle is in the hands of an expert

We are a company that started in Colombia,specializing in cleaning and beautification services in all kind of transportations means.

About SPV Our Services

About SPV

We are a company that started in Colombia, specialized in cleaning and beautifying services in all kind of transportation means. Focused on quality excellency, in constant evolution, committed with our client’s progress and our employee integral development.


SPV International is a company specializing in cleaning services of aerial, land and maritime vehicles, whose objective is to provide service under quality, occupational safety and environmental standards.


Our Human Resource is our company base and our reason of being, due to this, we have established different policies and strategies focused on the well-being and development of our employees.


We have transformed and evolved in the National and International market to solidifying in providing cleaning services to all kind of aerial, land and maritime vehicles.


Our management is supervised and controlled to improve our clients’ satisfaction standards. In so, we assure a long term commercial alliance, getting committed with continuous improvement, supervising safety and occupational safety of our workers in order to create a comfortable and safe working environment.

What we do

Qualified personal, Continuous innovation, Quality management system. Biodegradable products. Personalized service. Strategic alliance.


SPV is committed with the environment and the continuous improvement of processes which allow us to protect and take care of it.


We provide cleaning services of Latin Colombians’most popular Airlines.


We prepare and beautify new and used vehicles which come into the most important auto shops in the country.


We provide solutions of automatic washing systems, as services with expert personnel.

what our customers think

Our customers are our inspiration fountain, that’s why…

“One of the largest Multinational Building Materials Company”

“SPV is our specialized solution provider according to the needs and company policies”.

“One of the Colombia’s largest multibranddealership chane”

“SPV is a solid and recognized Company in the market, thanks to SPV, Casatoro achieves high levels of satisfaction”.

“Colombia’s largest Chevrolet dealership chane”

“SPV is an excellent strategic allied, it has appropriate personnel who allow to deliver results on time, generating satisfied customers”.

“One of the  Latin America’s largest Airlines”

“SPV constantly monitors indicators which is really important in the continuous improvement with high quality levels”.

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In SPV we are proud of what we are!


Our numbers

Our numbers reflect the best labor accomplished and the best motivation to continue our process improvement.

Active workers in SPV

Planes cleaned and ready to go daily

Vehicles serviced monthly

Trucks washed monthly

Our Work Team

We are a company focused in quality excellence, in constant evolution, committed with our client’s progress, and our employee integral development.

Why working with SPV?

Isn't it awesome?

  • SPV is service, quality, and commitment

  • SPV prides itself to provide a personalized service

  • SPV designs and implements solutions

  • SPV reponds to customers’ needs

  • Spv is a qualified working team, focused in the fullfilment of OBJECTIVES AND GOAL


In SPV we have a group of professionals, guided by the strictest values, ethics and the knowledge of the products used to guarantee a responsible job, according to the stablished parameters.


“Deposit your trust in us, because we do not only do our job well, but we love what we do”.


  • SPV has implemented an environmental management plan, which includes the proper supplies selection, the correct waste water management and the correct chemical substances.
  • SPV use treatment and water recycling systems solutions.
  • SPV uses biodegradable products in their processes.
Service attitud 100%
Commitment 100%
Excellency 100%
We protect the environment 100%


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